Andrea Ullius

Eidg. dipl. Drogist HF, Autor, Blogger and Scout

Successful together!

I want to inspire and cultivate long-term and sustainable partnerships. A collaboration with me is not a flash in the pan. The base of my work is research and the development of knowledge. I always incorporate this knowledge into my own texts and into commissioned work. Whenever possible I bring my partners into play and link existing ones with new content.

Target group:
People with an interest in Sweden and Scandinavia. They are active, love nature and are culturally and culinary interested. I focus on the age group between 25 and 65. My readers and fans come from Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Member Swiss Travel Communicators
Member German Association of Press Journalists
Ambassador Skandinavien Live
Co-initiator Scandinavien Travel Codex


My website is the most important channel for me. Accordingly, I attach importance to direct visitors to the site as much as possible.

My website is clearly structured and is updated regularly. The growth of the site was somewhat slowed by the Corona Pandemic. Here are a few key figures from June 2019 to October 2021.

Number of articles > 179
Total views > 416,560
Most successful article > 64,500 views
Average page visits > 200 - 300 per day


+/- 10'100


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+/- 700


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Andrea Ullius
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